How to create a "Content Flywheel"

I believe everyone's goal is growth, and to grow, you need to do things, not just read things.

I argue that most influential people spend 95% of their time crafting. We only see the finished products.

Growth requires action, and action requires attention to what people do, not what they say.

There are creators all over the internet. do we know what models they use to create their content? I myself don't really know and I will not claim that I am an expert in this field. however, I am determined to know and use the same models to create valuable content.

A term I learned today is the content "flywheel" model, which is used by a lot of famous creators like James clear and Tim Ferriss.

Here are the steps of this model:

  1. Write concise, valuable content on very specific topics.

  2. Publish those pieces natively on a platform.

  3. Bundle the specific topics into larger "pillar" content.

  4. Promote pillar content to capture & convert attention.

  5. Engage with the audience throughout.

  6. Repeat.

A great example of this is James clear. he begins publishing articles on his website covering specific topics related to habits, productivity, etc. He then bundles those articles into pillar content that attracts massive SEO traffic. pillar content being larger articles or even books. He then converts that traffic to his email list which has one million subscribers.

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